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We are here to help you SUCCEED and want it to be easy for you to access the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE to thrive and work issue free as an FFL Retailer or Range.


Our Team provides critical insights on what you need to know to remain ATF compliant, secure and profitable.
Our consultants ANSWER YOUR CALLS 24/7, so you can run your firearms business with confidence!



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We Break The Myths That Hold FFLs Back From Achieving Business Success

We educate and support Federal Firearms Licensees so they can run compliant, safe, secure and profitable businesses.

ATF | OSHA Compliance

Keeping your FFL ATF and OSHA inspection Ready everyday is possible and easy with the right knowledge, training,  tools and guidance for you and your staff

FFL Security & Risk

Protecting your FFL, your reputation and your priceless inventory from the "bad guys" is simplified so you can do everything in your power to keep your FFL out of the news, respected by the community and off the ATF's radar


FFL Marketing

Understand how to grow your FFL with proven social media marketing techniques that you didn't realize you could use and how to use them without breaking facebook's censorship rules

We are passionate about supporting FFLs.
We offer affordable support and training to
small and mid-sized FFLs across the US.

ATF Inspection | ATF Report of Violations
ATF Warning Letter | ATF Warning Conference
ATF Revocation Hearing
We are HERE for YOU, even when the sh*t hits the fan!


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Creating a Successful FFL

Keeping your FFL Compliant, Secure, Safe and Profitable is what we do best. We know how to help YOU navigate today's Social and Political Environments and provide YOU with the Keys to Staying Protected, Profitable and Running a Successful Federal Firearms Business. You should enjoy selling firearms, and worry less about it. We partner with you to support that goal.

First: Stay Current and Knowledgeable of All the ATF Regulations and Make it Easy To Train Your Staff

Second: Make Sure You're Doing All That You Can To Keep Your Location and Inventory Safe.

Third:  Learn How To Properly Market Your Business and Avoid Social Media Censorship to GROW Your Business

"FFL Consultants have been an excellent help with our ATF compliance issues.  We are a very high-volume pawn shop and had been unknowingly diluting our focus on FFL transfer records through our growth. FFL consultants provided my staff excellent training, best practices, and procedures for auditing and catching errors. Our progress has been significant.  I will likely be a lifelong client and recommend them to anyone needing help with ATF compliance and employee training.  Thanks again guys!"

J Bernstein
Valley Pawn

"The Team at FFL Consultants really opened our eyes to the changes and upgrades we needed to make based on the burglary trends they were tracking in our area. I feel their expertise and experience can teach any FFL how to improve their security layering to deter and prevent break-ins and how to train the staff for unexpected crisis. They are always on call and never rush through a conversation. They are experienced, reliable and business-minded. I'm happy to be an FFL Consultants client."

Right To Bear Arms [RTBA]

"I had the pleasure of attending a seminar Karrie with FFL Consultants was leading during the 2019 SHOT Show University. Her seminar was exhilarating! In the ever-changing world of marketing and social media, it is apparent that Karrie has the ability to have a 30,000 foot view and offer clients long-term and short term game plans. Offering road maps that are obtainable to customers due to her experience in the industry is unique as many “solutions” offered by outside consultants typically have not been tested in the shooting sports industry; we all know that we have unique speed bumps due to the limitations and challenges from outside properties. Looking forward to working with Karrie on many projects in the near future."

S Steffen

"Karrie with FFL Consultants blew our team away with her outpouring of marketing knowledge at SHOT Show and I knew we needed her help once we were back home. Karrie knows how to market within the firearms industry like no one else! After getting back from SHOT Show we signed up for a 30 minute strategy call with Karrie. Karrie spent over an hour on the phone with us! Karrie was able to clear up all the issues we have been having with our facebook ads being banned even through they were for safety classes. Karrie knows her stuff and she knows how to explain things in ways we were able to make action on. I highly recommend Karrie and FFL Consultants to any FFL looking to increase high quality marketing."

J Keffer
The Sportsmans Shop

"FFL Consultants are a big part of how we have made it this far! Without them on the Team, the project would have not passed the Planning Commission. Looking forward to working together for many years to come."

R Buswell
Back 40 Range

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We have an amazing free online training class that will help you eliminate the three biggest myths for FFLs today. Once we bust these three dangerous myths, it will make it so much easier for you to grow your FFL in today's political and social climate.

Mark Glavin is a Happy Client

Fox Valley Shooting Range - Elgin, IL