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Do you have the FFL premier support, education, staff training and 24/7 emergency on-call help when WHEN you need it most?

Do you have an experienced industry expert that YOU TRUST & FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH to answer every FFL related question to SUPPORT YOUR SUCCESS? 

Now you can have direct,  immediate and confidential access to our team of firearm industry professionals for JUST $59 / month.   This is a LIMITED OFFER and our monthly cost will return to $159 / month following the pandemic.  But YOU can LOCK IN NOW at this special discount  FOREVER!

Our experts are known across the industry for their knowledge, experience, confidentiality, trust and education regarding ATF compliance, new-hire 4473 training, risk / crisis management, physical security, retail operations, range EPA & OSHA and social media marketing.  And our crisis team is ready to support you 24/7/365 usually via a live phone discussion when you need answers quickly.  

After joining, you and your staff will have access to all our tools, private webinars, training videos and resources in one easy to access online portal.

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FFL Academy & Support Subscription

We provide the ultimate support, training and guidance for your FFL.  Our members rely on us to answer the phone in times of crisis, when there are critical concerns and just when they have a simple question. We quickly answer each call and deliver FAST answers!

Running your firearms business SHOULD NOT be difficult or confusing!

We take great pride in how quickly and efficiently we respond to our members.  We love the gun business and want to make your life easier so you can be more confident and have fun being a firearms retail or range operator.

Our goal is to help you build and keep a compliant, secure, safe and profitable FFL.  And we even help our subscribers with their social media marketing and their staff training. 

Over the last 7 years, we have helped hundreds of FFLs grow their business with confidence, knowing they have an expert to call  - if and whenever necessary. 

Being a reliable partner is our #1 priority!

So join now and let us help you confidently reach your goals! 

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We work with FFLs everyday from coast to coast.  From the corner gun store to the big box dealers - we've touched and support them all!  As a result, we have solutions, answers and strategies for every challenge you may face. 

We know that finding what you need isn't always easy and neither is running a successful and profitable FFL today.  Our goal is to become an affordable addition to your team by helping you in the areas that concern you most.

Join now and receive 24/7 access to premium services, training, support and confidence.


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If your not yet a subscriber - No Worries!    Your first call is always free!  We are standing by RIGHT NOW to take your call! 

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If you are interested in learning if there is space available in the FFL Support Academy before our next open enrollment date, go ahead and fill out the form below and we will reach out within the next 2 business days.  We need to limit the number of subscribers so that we can deliver the best service to those FFLs.