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Firearms Industry Outlook - August 2021

As we all try to put 2020 behind us we're met with the challenge as businesses to figure out how we comp numbers that were off the charts in 2020. With the year past being such an anomaly, we've been monitoring industry trends to see where this ship is headed. As it stands and pretty much as expected the industry is down with a YOY comparison landing at -21% YTD in comparison to LY. I mean, c'mon... You didn't really expect the buying spree to continue, between the strain on our supply chain and the general public finally finding some calm, it was bound to slow down at some point. 
Because 2020 was so unusual we took a look at the numbers for both the 2018 and 2019 calendar years, to see if we could glean some insight from some more stable industry activity. When looking at 2020 versus 2018, the industry is trending up 57% YTD and against 2019 the industry is also trending up 42% YTD. We expected the 2019 numbers to result in a reduced uptick just because it...
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PAGV Presents Letter Signed by 46 Prosecutors to President Biden to Impose National Gun Control - 2021

Excerpt: January 25,2021

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris:

As co-chairs and on behalf of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence (PAGV), a non-partisan coalition of 46 prosecutors serving over 60 million Americans in 24 states across the country, we write to recommend changes to confront the growing and urgent crisis of gun violence in the jurisdictions we serve.

Since 2014, PAGV has held a dozen national forums on a range of topics, from gun crimes committed in the home, to safe storage, to illegal firearms trafficking, to mass shootings. PAGV has issued a nationwide blueprint1 on removing guns from domestic abusers that was re-circulated on social media by the Obama/Biden Administration, and a first-of-its-kind report, Mass Shooting Resource Guide For Prosecutors: How to Prevent, Protect, and Prosecute. 2 Our organization has filed amicus briefs in several important cases, including those pertaining to ghost guns3 and gun licensing. 4 During the Obama/Biden Administration,...

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How Firing Range Owners Can Make Responsible Selections When Choosing a Lead Maintenance Contractor for Gun Range Cleaning Services

There are a variety of projects around a gun range that require outside contractors. These may include Gun Range Cleaning Services, Lead reclamation & Brass recycling,  Range Maintenance, HVAC system updates, Range Construction and Renovation, and many more.

While there are contractors who are only looking for a quick buck, many contractors care about the big picture and embrace corporate social responsibility. It is always wise for range operators to look for responsible contractors because hiring them is better for both the community and the range.

Ethics Point Towards Quality

Companies that only care about turning a profit tend to cut corners to lower their costs, many times to win the bid. That leaves the range to clean up the mess and deal with their shoddy work, and many times having to hire another contractor to finish the project properly. That is particularly dangerous when it comes to firing ranges. A contractor that does a poor job while cleaning can cause the...

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Free Downloads from the FFLC and MT2 Virtual Summit

Thanks for attending the recent Virtual Summit sponsored by FFL Consultants and MT2 Range Services.  To access all of our FREE downloads and resources mentioned during the event - simply click this link:







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John Bocker talks with Rob McNealy about TUSC and the compliance challenges that FFLs face with government regulations and how to avoid them.

John Bocker is the Managing Director and co-founder of FFL Consultants and provides expert guidance to firearms dealers around the country on various topics including physical security, ATF compliance, profitability and retail operations. John is an independent consultant for the National Shooting Sports Foundation and serves as an FFL subject matter expert, speaker and author. For more information visit FFLConsultants.com or call John @ 720-336-0028.


Audio Interview: 
Interview Transcript: 

Please subscribe to The Rob McNealy Program at .

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Facebook DELETED My Profile & How You NEED To Protect Yourself

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020

I'll tell you what happened in the video but here are my suggestions.  These are the things that I believe every business owner that uses Facebook MUST do and have in place to protect their business assets on Facebook:


The Facebook Profile Loss “Parachute Plan”

Just In Case You Ever Get “The HAMMER”


Requesting a Review:  If your profile is disables or banned you can normally request a manual review to get your profile back and the link will be found on the page you are sent to when you login with a disabled personal profile.


Business Pages: Always have at least one additional admin set up on all your business pages **Spouse, kids, second profile, friends, etc


Ad accounts: Always have at least one other person is directly added to your add account with full access.  They must have full access so pick someone you trust.  This is different than giving access through  **Spouse, kids, second profile,...

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How To Make The Most Of An Unprecedented Year, Now and For Years To Come

The year 2020 will go down in history. This was already set up to be a big year because of the election and the politicians willing to do almost anything to take control of firearms in America. Add in a global pandemic, food and toilet paper shortages, riots, and a lot of uncertainty within our communities.


How is all of that affecting sales? They are through the roof for most retail FFLs. It feels like you dont even need to do anything to get business right now. Many retail FFLs are unable to keep stock on their shelves.


You may never get an opportunity like this again. This is about creating the fuel that is going to keep your business running hot for years to come. Its time to double down on smart marketing no matter what your business model is and no matter how well your business is doing.


The professional advice I give my FFL is to create social media content that your tribe will eat up and then get that content in front of as many of your...

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Donโ€™t Repeat the FFL "Inventory Sins" of the Past

Over the last several weeks, the firearms industry has been booming thanks to public concern centered around COVID-19 and the societal impact it is having.  With millions of Americans concerned about the protection of life, liberty, and property; it’s easy to understand why demand has increased. 

The industry has seen demand spikes before; 2008, 2012 and 20016 being prime examples.  However, after each one of these periods gun shops across the country were forced to close.  One of the leading causes for shops going under was that they didn’t have a strategy to manage their inventory investment and made critical mistakes that caused them to tie up precious cash.  It’s easy to make these mistakes and any buyer that has been around more than a year or two has done it to some extent.  The trick is to have a plan to minimize the impact and avoid repeating the “sins of the past”.

Below are a few basic strategies you can implement...

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FFL Consultants Daily FFL Crisis Brief # 6

What You Can Do Today:

    1. Advise all customers that NICS is so backed up that we are hearing 3-5 day delays are routine and any delays requiring a human check are being slated for release on or after (25+ days out).  If you receive a delay with a Brady release date that is more than the traditional 3 business days, you MUST adhere to the date returned to you on the MIDI report for each NTN.  >>> BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR NICS STATUS REPORT DAILY for UPDATES. 


  1. Where gun stores are not designated "essential businesses" (see article below), some FFL owners have moved to board up front glass windows to create an EXTRA LAYER of protection / security. It may be prudent to purchase plywood and necessary materials before businesses are shut down. 
  2. FFLs are asking; "Can I move my guns to my home for safe keeping is shut down?".  The answer lies in a) your ability to reach an ATF...
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FFL Consultants Daily Crisis Brief # 4

Crisis Actions FFLs Can Implement Today

  1. As cases ramp up where you are, INCREASE the health protection of your staff by increasing "safe-distancing", using creative ways to protection including for using gloves to handle all paperwork, guns, money during the crisis.  The medical science reporting tells us that the virus (germs) can live for several hours on paper and several days on hard surfaces so do your best to PREVENT CROSS -CONTAMINATION and use sanitizers and alcohol sprays to prevent illness. 
  2. Plan for "Stay at Home" directors if your state is in the "Top 5" of cases reported. (see above).  We predict that this directive will be rolled-out slowly but surely as states are affected.  The governor of each state has the authority to do so.  This will include calling out the National Guard to assist in monitoring compliance, hand out supplies, etc. 
  3. We have spoken with FFLs in California who have NICS / DROS pending or DELAYS that are now...
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