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Facebook DELETED My Profile & How You NEED To Protect Yourself

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020

I'll tell you what happened in the video but here are my suggestions.  These are the things that I believe every business owner that uses Facebook MUST do and have in place to protect their business assets on Facebook:


The Facebook Profile Loss “Parachute Plan”

Just In Case You Ever Get “The HAMMER”


Requesting a Review:  If your profile is disables or banned you can normally request a manual review to get your profile back and the link will be found on the page you are sent to when you login with a disabled personal profile.


Business Pages: Always have at least one additional admin set up on all your business pages **Spouse, kids, second profile, friends, etc


Ad accounts: Always have at least one other person is directly added to your add account with full access.  They must have full access so pick someone you trust.  This is different than giving access through  **Spouse, kids, second profile, friends, etc


Private Groups: Most private groups will never be targeted the way Facebook (in my opinion based on my personal experience) targeted the conservative group admins recently deleted from the platform that affected my profile and as I can see in forums hundreds of other profiles recently.

This you may want to consider:

Extra care should always be observed when you have a LARGE group with conservative values on a liberal platform but for now I do believe it is with the risk at this time.


  1. Make sure your group members are always keeping to the community standards in their posts and comments - delete those comments that do not keep within community standards and consider ejecting members that are unable to follow the rules
  2. Use an additional profile you do not care about as a back up admin
  3. Large groups should always have additional moderators to help you.  Pick really active members that share your views and keep to the rules.  It is my understanding that moderators can request admin control of groups with no admins although we are too early to see that happen in the group where admin profiles were deleted


Creating a Second Profile:

This is where we are dancing with the rules a little…

I have had several profiles for many years without issues.  Prior to the platform disabling my main personal profile which I primarily used as my business (never market with your personal profile even if it is primarily used for business relationships or you will loose your profile), I had two additional profiles.  One for family only, my main profile & a profile for my fake assistant.


Facebook Logins: As convenient as it is to use your social profile as a easy way to login to non social media related accounts understand that if you loose that profile or you are temporary put on restriction you will loose access to anythings connected even if they are unrelated.


I broke my own rules on some of my accounts and I am paying the price.  Take this advice and protect your valuable social media assets by at least adding someone you trust to your pages and ad accounts right away.