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FFL Consultants Daily Crisis Brief # 4

Crisis Actions FFLs Can Implement Today

  1. As cases ramp up where you are, INCREASE the health protection of your staff by increasing "safe-distancing", using creative ways to protection including for using gloves to handle all paperwork, guns, money during the crisis.  The medical science reporting tells us that the virus (germs) can live for several hours on paper and several days on hard surfaces so do your best to PREVENT CROSS -CONTAMINATION and use sanitizers and alcohol sprays to prevent illness. 
  2. Plan for "Stay at Home" directors if your state is in the "Top 5" of cases reported. (see above).  We predict that this directive will be rolled-out slowly but surely as states are affected.  The governor of each state has the authority to do so.  This will include calling out the National Guard to assist in monitoring compliance, hand out supplies, etc. 
  3. We have spoken with FFLs in California who have NICS / DROS pending or DELAYS that are now PROCEED.  We told them to check with DOJ, who responded "Contact your local law enforcement".  CLE's in turn did not have any answer other than "Gun Shops are not on the "essential business" list".  So now several FFLs are completing "PROCEED" transfer by appointment and doing so discreetly.  At any point local law enforcement can shut you down and direct you to vacate. 
  4. PLAN to SECURE your guns for 30-60 days, or until the directive lifts. 
  5. Your guns and ammo will be targeted by vandals during the "Stay at Home" mandate, and especially as the public, unemployed and others become desperate. 
  6. Several FFLs have set up "4473 Stations" in a secluded area of the store, away from employees, and sanitize areas and keyboard (E-4473) areas after each customer.
  7. BE SURE to get email addresses for EVERY customer! Simply keep a pad of paper at the check-out counter. This will be important for communicating with your customers after the crisis. 
  8. NICS DELAYS (BRADY DATE) WILL be subject to any work-delays / shutdowns by the ATF.  You should be notified via email, phone, or THIS FFL Brief if we hear that occurs.


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