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How Firing Range Owners Can Make Responsible Selections When Choosing a Lead Maintenance Contractor for Gun Range Cleaning Services

There are a variety of projects around a gun range that require outside contractors. These may include Gun Range Cleaning Services, Lead reclamation & Brass recycling,  Range Maintenance, HVAC system updates, Range Construction and Renovation, and many more.

While there are contractors who are only looking for a quick buck, many contractors care about the big picture and embrace corporate social responsibility. It is always wise for range operators to look for responsible contractors because hiring them is better for both the community and the range.

Ethics Point Towards Quality

Companies that only care about turning a profit tend to cut corners to lower their costs, many times to win the bid. That leaves the range to clean up the mess and deal with their shoddy work, and many times having to hire another contractor to finish the project properly. That is particularly dangerous when it comes to firing ranges. A contractor that does a poor job while cleaning can cause the range to fall short of the industry's health and safety requirements. OSHA can levy large fines on ranges that fail to comply with those requirements; choosing an unproven contractor can be an expensive error.

Responsible firing range contractors care about doing a stellar job. They take pride in their work, and they want to do an excellent job because they care for their customers. That stops them from cutting corners and causing problems through poor work practices. Their reputation in the industry is the top priority.

Social responsibility also extends towards employees. The right contractor will respect their workers and enforce policies that improve the quality of their working lives. That is also good for the company because happy workers tend to be much more productive. That extra productivity means that they can get jobs done more quickly and do better work, so everyone benefits from it in the long run.

MT2 Firing Range Services is an example of a lead maintenance contractor who has a stellar reputation in the industry and a strong internal culture. They are certified as a top-ranked firm in Great Places to Work

 Validate Hiring a Contractor: Do Your Due Diligence

Whether it is shooting range lead mining, lead cleaning services, or firing range construction renovation, it is of utmost importance to perform "due diligence." This process helps you validate your decision to hire a specific contractor.
So, what is due diligence?

Due diligence is a process that allows you to learn more about a company you are interested in hiring, especially its financial standing, to enter into a contract with confidence. You want to have the peace of mind that the contractor you hire is financially sound, has the right credentials, and will finish your project as agreed, within budget, and promptly.

Risk Of Hiring Small Scale Lead Salvagers For Your Gun Range Lead Maintenance

 The adage "what you seek is not always what you get" rings accurate with small-scale lead contamination salvagers! Chances of this happening increase when the undertaking is of such complex nature it requires best management practices to have the job done right. 

If you are a gun range owner, you must be mindful of the EPA and OSHA regulations. As easy as it may be to assume any lead salvager is aware of these laws, any deviation in the quality of work is a risk that falls squarely on the range. Bear in mind most small-scale salvagers are often under-insured.  

In some instances, fines and penalties levied for noncompliance or claims against harmful practices are substantial. In South Carolina, one case caught everyone's attention when an environmental organization faced action for knowingly neglecting to protect its workers against lead poisoning. The resultant fines totaled a whopping $480,000!

Evaluating Gun Range Contractors

For gun range owners, it is essential to ask the gun range reclamation or construction contractor to present the following;

  • Documented audited financials, which should be adequate to cover against any claim or contractual breach.
  • Contractors' comprehensive insurance coverage, including pollution liability coverage indemnifying the range to protect them.
  • Project contract documents and work plans with guaranteed deliverables
  • Contractor's operating history and list of completed projects.

Small scale lead salvagers can also miss stringent OSHA regulations and deadlines. Unfortunately, your gun range can't stand for this. The results can be unacceptable work delays, revenue loss, and depending on state legislation, fines and penalties.

There are many risks involved with hiring inexperienced or unqualified salvagers to remove the spent lead from the traps of your gun range that not only could affect the potential health of your shooters and employees. Hiring a qualified Firing Range Lead Reclamation contractor to clean your range properly is vital.

Because OSHA regulations were created to protect employees and not users of firing ranges, legal requirements for a lead-safety program and adequate range design and operation do not apply to volunteer-run ranges. But an owner of a privately run facility is required to provide and follow proper cleaning procedures for their employees' safety, or they and their company are liable for potential health-related damages.

Properly trained companies should conduct lead-risk assessments following OSHA approved methods, and ranges with antiquated designs, equipment, and maintenance protocols should be encouraged to modernize and adopt published recommendations. Hiring the right lead removal team is a critical component of this business venture.

About MT2 Firing Range Services

MT2 is the Firing Range Lead Management Authority specializing in providing environmental firing range services and lead remediation. They are the nation's #1 largest professional contractor for all your indoor and outdoor firing range service needs, including:

  • Lead cleaning services
  • Lead reclamation & Brass recycle
  • Range Maintenance, HVAC systems support
  • We are consulting and Assessment by our OSHA/EPA experts!
  • Range Construction and Renovation
  • Lead Remediation & Abatement

 Learn More: https://www.MT2FiringRangeServices.com