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How To Make The Most Of An Unprecedented Year, Now and For Years To Come

The year 2020 will go down in history. This was already set up to be a big year because of the election and the politicians willing to do almost anything to take control of firearms in America. Add in a global pandemic, food and toilet paper shortages, riots, and a lot of uncertainty within our communities.


How is all of that affecting sales? They are through the roof for most retail FFLs. It feels like you dont even need to do anything to get business right now. Many retail FFLs are unable to keep stock on their shelves.


You may never get an opportunity like this again. This is about creating the fuel that is going to keep your business running hot for years to come. Its time to double down on smart marketing no matter what your business model is and no matter how well your business is doing.


The professional advice I give my FFL is to create social media content that your tribe will eat up and then get that content in front of as many of your ideal customers as possible.


Its not about putting up an ad to sell something when you get started. Content is step one is any solid marketing strategy and then we use people interacting with our content to get them to spend money after you have built a relationship with them which is how we make content incredibly profitable.


First, you need to know who your tribe is and what content they already cant get enough of. Here are questions to ask yourself or better yet, to ask the people you serve that will help you identify your people and what they like:

What are your people into?

What are the general topics they cant seem to get tired of?

Drill down even fartherbreak down those topics into more detailed topics?

Where do they spend their free time on Social Media?

What do they watch on YouTube?

What pages do they follow?

What private groups are they in?

What public figures do they follow?

Where do they spend money right before they spend money with you?

Where else do they spend money?


People love information and they love to be entertained. People also love to connect with people that think the way they think. These are also the people that we love to work with as business owners and it makes work a joy. We create content because it attracts people to us and allows us to build a relationship.  


Creating content without a plan to create revenue is where people fail at using content to grow their business. You must have a plan in place to monetize the relationships you build when you create content. Always ask them to do something at the end of your video or your article. Your goal is to get as much interaction as possible because this helps social media channels get you in front of more people.


Other suggestions for asking them to do something:

Like our Facebook Page to see more videos like this one

Join our private group where we share the top tips on……

Come in, say hello and get a 2A sticker (or something really cool that you can create cheap)

Ask them a question that relates to the video (people love to wander questions)

Tag someone that should watch this video

Download our guide to help you(relating back to the video. An example might be the top 5 home defense handguns for women and you could have a downloadable cheat sheet)


Everyone has areas they are comfortable and where they are not. I will always tell you to go with a video if you can. If youre not comfortable on camera you can use software like EasyVSL that lets you take written content and create a video with your voice over for only $97 if you really prefer not to be on camera.


Get creative, feed your tribe the content they will love interacting with and be consistent. Dont stop marketing just because time are good. This really is the best time to capture the eyes and the hearts of your tribe. Create the content that will allow you to build long term relationships with people that love what you love and create business building spending opportunities now and for years to come.

About the Author: Contact Karrie Christen anytime with your firearms marketing questions.  Karrie offers exclusive insights and education that make firearms marketing work across today's many social platforms. Call: (303) 994-4265 or email [email protected]