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Firearms Industry Outlook - August 2021

As we all try to put 2020 behind us we're met with the challenge as businesses to figure out how we comp numbers that were off the charts in 2020. With the year past being such an anomaly, we've been monitoring industry trends to see where this ship is headed. As it stands and pretty much as expected the industry is down with a YOY comparison landing at -21% YTD in comparison to LY. I mean, c'mon... You didn't really expect the buying spree to continue, between the strain on our supply chain and the general public finally finding some calm, it was bound to slow down at some point. 
Because 2020 was so unusual we took a look at the numbers for both the 2018 and 2019 calendar years, to see if we could glean some insight from some more stable industry activity. When looking at 2020 versus 2018, the industry is trending up 57% YTD and against 2019 the industry is also trending up 42% YTD. We expected the 2019 numbers to result in a reduced uptick just because it...
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